The year is 2017, and I have been in school for the Navy for the better part of 6 months. I have been away from music for the better part of a year. As I am flipping through catalogs of tracks that I have heard in surplus amounts over the last decade, I stumble across the album For Lack of a Better Name almost by happenstance. Some may call it fate or some may call it dumb luck. But this event would ultimately culminate in my full investment in the production of electronic music.

Animator speaking, the album somewhat fell into my lap. I gave it a listen. But it wasn't long before it was the only album that I listened to. The album self virtually consumed me. The best way that I can describe it, is a master class in the production of electronic house music. It was unlike anything I'd heard up to that point. Many of the tracks being a stand-out with a little dead air space in between. I had felt that I had heard everything up to that point that could be heard. Ranging anywhere from Periphery and Cannibal Corpse, all the way to Igor Stravinsky.

Being the person that I was and given my upbringing in the world of musical appreciation, I felt it necessary to dissect every part of this album. The album itself demonstrates a complete understanding of the workings of effective percussion and musical layering within synthesizers. However, I must say that there are a few tracks within this album that stand out in particular.


Bot is a track that harkens back heavily to the early years of electronic house music. It's effective of samples keeps the track moving in its long run time, keeping it from ever feeling stale. Praise its ability to preserve Dynamics with minimal use of synthesizers or filters.

2. Strobe

For everything that was said about Bot, the same could be said about this track. However in a somewhat different way. Strobes overuse of synthesizers is for certain it's the greatest strength. When included, it's rare for a track in one of my sets to garner so much attention. At 10 minutes long and se change, the track feels much like something out of Tron movie.

3. Ghosts n' Stuff

This is the track that had to be mentioned. It's the song that catapulted Deadmau5 to a household name and is The lead single featuring The Australian vocalist Rob Swire takes heavy cues from big arena rock acts such as The Who. With the tease of the main chord progression that leads into the full drop, it feels eerily reminiscent of Baba O'Reilly by The Who.

This is still my favorite EDM album and will stand as a testament to the staying power of traditional house music. This album is a great primer for anyone wanting to explore this sub-genre

and enjoy more of the atmospheric side of EDM.

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